There are several flowers. One is red, another is white, and the others are yellow.

Most Americans agreed with President Wilson.

What is a workman without his tools?

The child handles a knife and fork well.

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I was very tired last night.

You should say what you think.

He called to say he'd be late.

Owen has been bitten by a snake.

Who makes breakfast for her?

The following descriptive analysis was derived from over 1500 closely-monitored questionnaires.

Mitch tried a coat on.


I don't have enemies.


My daughter went to school.

It was so noisy in there.

I can't walk in these shoes.

Throw the ball to them.

Now you've done it.

She rented a four-room flat.

All three boys laughed.

It's impossible to work in such circumstances.

The bill amounted to 100 dollars.

The children solved the problem for themselves.

We can't rush these things.

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It's very boring.


There are many tall buildings downtown.

Her free time goes in playing golf.

Aaron seldom puts on his glasses before reading.

It's all over with poor Sharan.

How many minorities live in Russia?

He hasn't said a word.

It is boiled just enough.

I'm not that tense.

I'll meet Paola.

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That water pipe leaks.

I may have to fire her.

This summer the transfer market will be more exciting than ever.

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My camera loads easily.

The police tried to separate the two hostile gangs.

We just got here yesterday.


Want me to show you a really useful hidden command?


The way Lorenzo behaves infuriates me.

If you do that, you will be cheating.

It is a labor to persuade her.

The refrigerator prevents food from going bad.

I accepted that a long time ago.

This box is very heavy.

He's a tough-minded owner.

I hope I can pass the driving test.

I suppose her brother would be about forty when he died.

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He told me about it in private.


He held a news conference a few hours ago.

I'll deal with them later.

I was offended by his behavior.

I'm an airplane mechanic.

I would've bet my life on it.

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Help me, please. I'm feeling depressed.

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I assume you're not interested.

I recovered from my illness.

HP can only be restored with a golden apple.

All the vehicles behaved well on their test runs.

For whom did you give the keys of the house?

Hirofumi is the only person Vernon knows who enjoys opera.

I used to sing Damon to sleep.

"Can you cut it like this, please?" "A little shorter in the front and a little longer on the sides, please."

Tonight would be better.


Let's hope Mahesh is smart.


Gale is only thirty years old.


I had already heard that song once.


Norwegian prisons are the most luxurious in the world.


Please stay as long as you wish.

Love? What's that? I'm an orphan. I've never known love.

Wrap the dough in clear film and chill for 15 to 30 minutes.


I've already been paid.

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Don was never convinced that John and Pravin were husband and wife.

Give me your hands.

This is the first time I've paid a fine.

I use Google every day.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.


This building looks very futuristic.

Can I have a few minutes, please?

I need someone to hold me.

I thought this would make you happy.

I've written to them.

You're still awake?

I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.

Juan is very efficient, isn't he?

Keep digging.

He decided to come with us.

The author of the Slovio language has even made a porn site in it.

Rex persuaded Janice to go to Boston with him.

He made a tour of Europe.


She is modest about her achievement.

This chair is one of a kind.

Both my parents are musicians.

This is a very informative article.

Dan was an expert at psychological warfare.

This will do.

Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

Conrad is well aware of what is going on at the office.

Dale is bleeding again.

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My boss would not let me leave work early.


Lynn didn't suffer from vertigo.

Dogs have all the good qualities of people without at the same time possessing their weaknesses.

China has launched the world's first quantum satellite.

Mikael gave me some advice.

That's the least of our problems.

You shouldn't call people liars.

I saw Kim leave the room.

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Sean spoiled all my plans.

What's that horrible noise?

Who did you help?


She can foretell the future.


Pratapwant wants to go to the beach with us.


Japan's population is larger than that of Britain and France put together.


She seemed surprised by the question.

I have only two classes this year.

We have agreed to continue the negotiations.

Well, we are not in a hurry.

You're not my friend anymore.


I think you did that intentionally.

The children help out on the farm.

We're hoping for something better.

He has many foreign stamps, not to mention Japanese ones.

They snuggled tightly beneath the blankets.

I gave a bunch of roses to her in return for her hospitality.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children over 4 years old.

Is there any milk left?

Do you already know whether you will go to the beach afterwards, and, if yes, when?


He cut a poor figure after his long illness.


Hitoshi acted foolishly.

Don't hesitate to send a note if you observe an error.

Are you worried about anything in particular?

Per doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

I hate her parents.

Which would Suzan choose?

Do you want to cancel the meeting?

How much did you buy that for?

I asked Allen to help me.


There was a suggestion that the general meeting should take place in October.


The point at issue is not her ability but her character.

It never occurred to me that he might be ill.

Nobody knows where she is.


We don't swim.

Horses need to eat.

I don't like anything.

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The head of the college, whose name was Miss Baker, therefore had a special place in the car park for her own small car.


This city has a bike-sharing service.


How did you kill Evan?


I was really hungry.

When was the last time you shaved?

What do we do after this?

Sabrina won't ask you to dance.

I'll talk with her.

Does this belong to you?

It's a little too early for a drink.


It is strictly prohibited for Negroes to visit those hospitals, libraries, theatres, cinemas, hotels, and restaurants, which are destined for the Whites.

The foundation of free nations is democracy.

"There, a squirrel" "What? Where?" "Up there on the tree. Do you see it?" "Yes, I see it!"

Don't blow things out of proportion.

Stephe has lost his car key.