That was a mistake.

Randell is just going to say no.

Nate was one of the last to leave.

I haven't even begun.

I'm sorry, but that is simply impossible.

Do you feel too cold?

She can both ski and skate.

Deborah is lively.


She pretended to be a student.

If I do this, will it be viewed by others in a negative way?

He is a bad boy.

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You're wealthy, aren't you?

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Everyone's watching you.

Do you have any homework to do?

Julianto loves baseball.


Would you like to hear the story about Paul Bunyan?

I'm going to head home.

Arthur seemed so happy.

Don't tell anybody about the matter.

Do you want this back?

Sri only did half of his homework.

I don't have any other hobbies besides football.

Let's play volleyball.

Everett couldn't rest.

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The word is out of fashion.


He is always bothering me to lend him money.

Hirotoshi doesn't know either Brandon or her sister.

What's your girlfriend's name?

"Hello," "Hi, may I speak with Justin, please." "Excuse me, you probably made a mistake."

Can I ask something?

I was ashamed of having said so.

Lori obeyed.


Uranus is similar to Neptune.

I should have known better.

This bicycle needs oiling.


I am blonde, of course.

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Masanobu said he wanted to talk.


We'll take it with us.


I am fond of the cinema.

He has gone to the library.

I don't waste their money.


They're going to have a baby.


I hope we don't get into trouble.

Yes, that's the right answer.

If it's a nice day tomorrow, we'll go on a picnic.


Do you want to watch TV?

Why won't you answer?

I haven't told anyone, not even Piet.

Trading with Japan is not easy.

You've got to face the facts.


What do you think Juri will want to eat?

Examinations interfere with the real purpose of education.

Lori filled the bucket with cold water.


She is fluent in English and French.

Barney read a poem to Shuvra.

She had her only son die.

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I will pay 7 dollars in addition.

I don't see how that would help.

I suffered through all sours but didn't find bitter than needing people.

I need a minute.

Where's my suitcase?

I've been out looking for Jeany.

I remember telling you about it.

There should be no kinks.

I thought Micah would be awake by now.

Spudboy just wants Ramneek to help him with his homework.

I think that you are to blame.

We need you.

Are you naturally blonde?

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I can help Izzy do that.

I told the librarian that I needed the book for a report due on Friday; so she said she would call it in.

Antonio won't come today.

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Everyone felt sorry for us.


"Daddy, why is the sky blue?" "Well, it just is."

I asked her to dance.

We didn't get dressed.

I want to play football.

Mat is busy now.

Piet married the merchant's daughter.

I invited Srinivas and his wife to our party.

This is designed especially for young people.

Tarmi may chicken out.

Stanley chose not to have surgery.

Emily is leaving Paris this morning.

The artist drew with Chinese ink.

I gave the maid the day off.


It took me an hour and a half to get there by car.

I want to see exactly what's happening.

How can you know that?

Soon after the end of World War 1, people never thought such a hateful and cruel war would break out again.

Events in the summer of 1972 set the scene for President Nixon's eventual downfall.

Surya's birthday is coming soon.

I am busy; otherwise I would accept your invitation.

All these notions I have long since abandoned.

Where are our umbrellas?

I really want to see you.

The treatment of the female sex has varied considerably in different ages and countries.

That makes it difficult.

Would it be OK if I didn't invite Rafael to my party?

Any help will be appreciated.

He won her affection.


She hardly ever works.

For whom will you vote for president?

I visited him recently.

In the evening they came to a large forest, and they were so weary with sorrow and hunger and the long walk, that they lay down in a hollow tree and fell asleep.

The Romans would never have had the chance to conquer the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

The choice of presents makes no difference to us.

I didn't have much lunch.


Do Gregory and Hans know how to speak French?

How long have you and Hsi been roommates?

Someone looks funny without his beard.


That's scary.

Easy living corrupted the warrior spirit.

Eddie cares more than you think.

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Each time I see Morgan, I learn something new and important from her.

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They cut down the tree.


The superior man is affected towards animals: having seen them alive, he cannot bear to see them die; having heard their cries, he cannot bear to eat their flesh.

I've done bad things that I should be punished for.

I'll help you look for her.

You were never like them.

I'm crazy about you.

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Frederic met Leif at a dinner party.

The grass is always greener.

How many times have I told you to fold your clothes?

Dimetry put the guitar case down so he could hug Roxanne.

Find Charles and kill him.


That man is a criminologist. Trust him!


You're so very serious.

Tigger got blamed, but it wasn't his fault.

The Germans have an inhuman way of cutting up their verbs. Now a verb has a hard time enough of it in this world when it's all together. It's downright inhuman to split it up. But that's just what those Germans do. They take part of a verb and put it down here, like a stake, and they take the other part of it and put it away over yonder like another stake, and between these two limits they just shovel in German.


Great boast and small roast.

Can't you talk to Thomas for me?

Knapper was wearing a sleeveless summer dress.


You sound beautiful.

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I'm twenty-five.

I am actually Welsh but I am living in Bristol.

Ms. White spoke slowly enough for me to catch her meaning.

Plain white paper will do.

At school, I've learned to write Latin.

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I have to explain this to Barbara.

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The plane took off more than two hours behind schedule.

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Your father must have been very disappointed.

Let's start where we left off yesterday.

Living isn't easy.

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I believe what Vickie told me.

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Get Mat some water.


I want Metin.

That is not your cup.

Are you breathing?


They are all innocent children.

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Here I am.


Do I need a root canal?


Come on, it's not that big a deal.

When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.

Don't you want to know what I was doing?

This is just unbelievable.

I planted an apple tree in my garden.