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Love's pleasure is ephemeral; regret eternal.

I should get back to work now.

I know they're both happy.

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Failure is not an option.

These boys often play in the little streets.

I thought you wouldn't mind.


Micheal has been acquitted.

Glen looked in the fridge to see what he could find to drink.

You're depressing me.

The lights in the kitchen burned all night.

Let's be frank in this question.

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Sridharan has paid back all the money he borrowed.

My mother is preparing supper.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.

I used to take a walk before breakfast.

Deirdre wants to be one of the cool kids.

I didn't think it would be appropriate.

It was found at the bottom of the river.

Sunil is waiting with Knapper.

The manager complimented him on his achievement.

Our garden was full of weeds.

I need to drop these useless perceptions to take full throttle over my life.


You have some explaining to do.

Did you leave the window open?

This dish is eaten without bread.

Terrence has a hard time explaining his ideas to his coworkers, and his code is characteristically unreadable.

The electricity came on again in a few minutes.

We have to get out of here tonight.

Lack of sleep can gradually affect health.


Dawn doesn't look so well.

I often hear her refer to her childhood.

You're more than welcome to come.

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"So, do you like Roxana?" "What's not to like? She's an amazing woman."

I found it difficult to get along with him.

During his captivity he made a promise to the pirates that he would eventually kill them. The pirates thought that this was only a joke. After he was ransomed, Caesar pursued and captured the pirates and ordered their crucifixion.


I saw her coming across the street.

The pin pierced his finger and it began to bleed.

Why are you calling?

She's a voracious reader.

I saw Mitchell with King yesterday.

He read the book yesterday.

The important thing is whether you do your best or not.

How much does eletricity cost in the east of Germany?

Haven't we done this before?

A bad cold prevented her from attending the class.

Rome wasn't built in a day.


We've got a lead.


Does she eat the apple?

It is very important to respect the regular of the circulation.

Emmett told his boss that Brad wouldn't be coming to work that day.

The boy can count to ten.

I'm sure you like your new job.

What are you doing out so late?

Several other workers were injured.

Life's nature is inexplicable.

I'm going to go there.

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Which one of the two brothers did you see?

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I'm going to get myself something to drink. Do you want something, too?

I want to see the horses.

How old were you when you learned to tie your own shoes?

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One man says this, another that.

It's because of them that I'm so miserable.

You have the right to consult a lawyer.


I have no idea of how to send a fax.

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If you should happen, by any unlikely chance, to know a man more blest in a laugh than Scrooge's nephew, all I can say is, I should like to know him too. Introduce him to me, and I'll cultivate his acquaintance.

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Dick made me cookies.

I tie my shoes on my own.

Who's been shot?

Varda is on his way home.

Excuse me, please check the oil.

I don't know the answer.

Galen shouldn't be here.

She didn't love him, she would never love him; he has inspired in her a secret and inexplicable dislike.

No one will trust her story.


I haven't eaten anything all day, but I don't feel hungry.

The issue has to be analysed.

I enjoy reading books.

Is she still working as a teacher?

I like city life very much.

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The rain makes me strange and introspective.

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You don't want to forget who your friends are.

I'm surprised you find Sally unfriendly. He's always been perfectly friendly to me.

Let dinner wait.

Everyone knows I'm broke.

I'm suffering from a frozen shoulder.

Please put some more wood on the fire.

The child pointed out her mother to me.

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I don't understand what you want me to do.

Are you scared to tell Jwahar?

Stevan is not going to like it.

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We can do this.

Sri considers Jean to be a heroine.

The boy was given up for dead.

Colin can no longer do his job.

I'm very drawn to you.

Have you ever done anything right?

Please wait in the waiting room until the inspection results are ready.


OK, try again.

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The police ascribed the automobile accident to reckless driving.

I have no time to engage in political activity.

What do you think is in that box?

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Which Buddhist school of thought do they belong to?

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Tanya has a safety deposit box.

They are a match made in heaven. They enjoy doing things together and cannot stand being away from each other for even a single day.

We have prescribed him some fast-acting antibiotics.


I just thought Keith might talk some sense into Tony.

Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

What? Does it please you?

She had to part with her jewelry box.

Mickey wasn't wearing a uniform.

Will the judge fine him heavily?

Listen, we have a bigger problem to deal with.

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In a far, far away universe where whatever is visualized becomes real, a noob tried to visualize a four dimensional object only to end up visualizing an object with an infinite number of dimensions that sent our entire existence into disarray thereby ending the universe as we know it.

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We have a lot more to do.

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I ignored him.


The first class begins at 8:30.

Is everybody listening?

I'll answer your questions if you'll answer mine.

The police balked the criminal's escape.

He is far from being a gentleman.

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Leo can borrow my car for a few days.

The Battle for Quebec was the turning point in the war.

I studied English, French and Chinese.

When I think about those students, it gives me a headache.

Who sent Brandon?

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He has a fake tan.

Have you already decided how you're going to take care of this problem?

Carsten spent a week in Bali with his girlfriend.


Biting your fingernails is a bad habit.

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Watch out for them.

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Ms. Roland, what do you think about this problem?

Mother was too busy to see me go out.

We have a choice now.

She's hardworking and dependable.

"Where have you been?" "I've been to the barber's."

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Have you ever had these symptoms before?

She devoted herself to her children.

Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg.

Oliver is hurt, but he'll be fine.

You don't have to answer today.

We know you're busy.

I would prefer to only hire people to translate into their native language.

Please give my best regards to your parents.

I'll know not to do that next time.


That custom has long been done away with.


Which way did you choose?

Tyler had always wanted a daughter.

It makes me feel too badly about you.


Jesse left the room to make a phone call.

His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.

We can't just barge into someone's house without a warrant. That would be disrespectful to do such a thing, don't you think?


Tell me what you did in Hawaii.

Actually, Rand is now my ex-girlfriend.

I should have listened to my mother.

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I'm an atheist.


The sky above was a deep blue.

Your watch is five minutes slow.

We have wine.