What an idiotic mistake!

That wouldn't be too difficult.

Brett never knew Erwin was there.

I didn't get discouraged.


Did you know that he's good at making coffee?

Fill out the application.

Take it easy. I can assure you that everything will turn out fine.

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Archie gets bored quickly.

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My mother is sick in bed.

He traveled to France to brush up his colloquial French.

Did you request a seat by the window?

You may quote me.

A bill came along with the package.


Everyone has the right to personal liberty.

How late is it?

Hunter is ignoring you.

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Roy looks happy when his girlfriend calls him.


I concentrated on his words.

Not everything is about you.

The talks continued for two days.

You really don't believe that, do you?

Konrad is very distinguished.


I quenched my thirst with this single glass of tea.


You're lucky to have a job.


Uh.....yes, I think so.

We must not rest on our laurels!

Hopefully, no one will object.

She is not a fan of winter sports.

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity.


I tried to stop him but he made off in a hurry.

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I said let Clyde go.

That doesn't sound like her.

Pass the rope through the ring and tie it.


She played a part in the women's lib movement.


There was no one there but her.


When I see you, my heart says me that I am a lover.

Aah, I'm angry for some reason!

I shouldn't have gone to Mehrdad's house.

Michel's nerves caused her to mess up her job interview.

'Run away' will always work even with bosses and the last boss, so when you're in trouble let's run away.

The issue fell between the cracks.

Mayor Ssi Jackson greeted his supporters at the entrance of the hotel.

I owe him one.

Do you want to do something?

I thought you'd be kind of surprised.

Some friends of mine are building their own house. They hope to finish it next summer.


I locked myself out.

Grub's up!

The condition of Man is a condition of Warre of every one against every one.

How did you get Marnix to admit he was the one who stole your wallet?

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.


He accepted my present.

What time do you have?

The time has come when I will make myself more manifest in the church, through increasingly greater signs.

It's ironic, isn't it?

I'm happy that you were able to come to my party.


He trained his dog to fetch the newspaper.

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Go on in.


I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

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He is acquainted with many people here.

We were afraid.

I suggest this would be a good time to take a break.

The heating is costing me more and more.

I almost kissed him.

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Wilson wants to go out for a walk.


Diane is not able to easily distinguish between boredom and hunger.


I'm here to rescue them.

I won't put up with this any longer.

Renu pretended that he didn't know that Bobby had stolen his money.

One king after another succeeded to the throne during those few years.

They decided to travel back in time to save Piotr.

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I'm writing a sentence in German.

I have to solve the problem myself.

I think you'll find it interesting.

She drowned a cat.

Who among us is perfect?

We don't know what it means.

It's well worth the cost.

My secretary has a good command of the English language.

My son never bargained for so many problems.


Ravindranath closed his eyes briefly.


Did you hear the news?

Do you remember the day when we first met?

If it had not been for his advice, she would not have flown to London.


How about a cup of hot coffee?


Do we have one?

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He cast a vote for the proposition.

At what time are you coming back?

This will be my last sentence in English.

He's all right.

Sedat isn't well today.


My body cried for sleep.

Cristina will be here before 2:30.

They guarantee this clock can be used for a year.

Ragnar rented a costume for the party.

His death is a great loss.

No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

Albert isn't looking forward to it at all.

Everyone knows these days that tobacco causes lung cancer.

I think Kristin is absent-minded.

I don't care who your father is.

He is said to be qualified as a doctor.

After she picked up the first glass and water went all over the place, she called the boss out.

Unfortunately he's a little too narrow-minded to accept these changes.

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I just did what the boss asked me to do.


Kirsten is an optimist.

I think Nils will enjoy this.

You've betrayed us.


My feet are cold.

Milo finally agreed to let Phil in on the secret.

He dreamed of being a hero.


This is for you.

I was tempted to call in sick.

Where did you cover them?


This watch is superior to that one.

As he is a man of his word, he will surely pay what he owes to you.

I will succeed at any cost.

Loukas was holding a small box in his hands.

He didn't have anything to say to the teacher.

You are the last person that I expected to see here.

Please continue.

We are looking for an experienced C++ programmer near Amsterdam.

Magazines let writers write what they want and decide how to lay it out afterward, but that magazine prioritizes its design, so it sets a predetermined limit on how many words are in it.

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The sales girl waited on me.


Elliot attempted to cheer Malcolm up.


There is a park in the middle of the city.

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Maybe it was not so obvious.

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I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.


The doctor ordered me a complete rest.

He is not going to get ahead.

It's an honor.

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They didn't like him.

Micky listened to Roxana patiently.

He could not sleep because of the heat.

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You've been hanging around Jelske too long.

There are five German-Americans on the American team.

Orville picked up the phone and started talking.


Iron ore occurs there in abundance.

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She wants to come.

Last night I threw up.

I hear you clear.

They give presents to one another.

Fritz was a troubled child.


Malus probably should've studied harder.

Who that has reason will listen to such a mad man?

She's gonna kill me.


I slept all day yesterday.

Do you know what PKO stands for?

They moved here recently.

You are what you are.

You need to be proactive.

He had this stupid habit of slouching against any available surface.

Stanislaw fell down two flights of stairs and is now in the hospital.