She talked a lot.

There must be a machine somewhere what creates dozens of sentences about the acts of Dave and Werner.

I think Roy was only joking.

The rice crop was harvested.

He took the elevator to the 5th floor.

I have pictures of San Francisco.

A police car is stopping along the road.

Just get away from here.

How far can you go?

I'll stay with Hal until you get back.

Could this be possible?

What are you implying?

I don't want to get too close to them.

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Give me any books you have on the subject.

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Ross set down his cup.


Actually that I bring a huge volume of reference material with me is a makeshift way of preventing people from disputing my case.

Cristi was a tall slender young woman with dark hair.

That's woefully inadequate.

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Success in school calls for much hard study.

I think I'll go to bed.

I can't do without her help.


I want to have a talk with him about my future.


I want life to go back to the way it was before.

How often do you brush your teeth?

Jerry is a law student.

I'll decide.

She made cookies.

Did you go to Ming's party last Saturday?

He was silly enough to believe her.

Tatoeba is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can check our blog or Twitter for more information.

Yesterday, we had a blast!


She knelt beside him.

This whole thing is really stupid.

Merat has already told everyone.

Maria is a very polite and simple girl.

Perhaps having realized it was impossible to persuade her, Ms. Kurosaki sighed and sat down in her seat.

The company has decided to sell some of its money-losing units.

The weather forecast tells us if it will rain or not.

Where are my leg warmers?

It's painful making love.

She hates country music.

It's an insult.

I need help painting the fence.

It's fun to read my old diary.


Please don't speak French anymore.

Pratap has started giving guitar lessons again.

I love pandas.

Terrance didn't know that Leung had decided to quit her job.

Griff is much thinner than he used to be.


Can you recommend a good movie?

"No, I'm not," replied the Englishman coldly.

Kate is smarter than any other student in our class is.

Do you like sports?

The shock robbed her of speech for a moment.


He was in a traffic accident.

We had lunch at a little coffee shop.

Jess is unemotional, isn't he?


I cannot abide such people.

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He was elected chairman of the committee.

I hope Israel has a good time.

Srinivasan helped her mother prepare dinner.


People once believed the world was flat.


Hillary is apt to be late.

Jonathan felt the baby move.

Let me show you how we do it.

It is impossible to finish the report in a week.

I'm sure Stuart wouldn't like it.

The boy can count to ten.

If I had known then what I know now I wouldn't have bothered.

Would you agree to the plan in principle?

I bought a new hat at the department store.

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I'm meeting Tran for lunch.


She is far from beautiful.


My boyfriend is crying.

Begging from unknown entities isn't wise.

You don't need to go in such a hurry.

Never lose faith in yourself. You can do everything you want to do.

I have two foreign friends.


The party was hosted by Dan.

When did the meeting start?

The deep coves by the beach were prime spots for the local teen couples.


Please just listen to me.


I have to cook dinner.


Travis is a public official.

I don't work during the week, just weekends.

Hilda will leave the company at the end of the year.

He is a man to be depended on.

I won't have to make dinner tonight.

Grant isn't credible.

Urs hit a bogey.

By the way, just cause there are no matches for a phrase in Google doesn't mean it's bad.

Oh, *I* mopped only some part of the floor.


Boyd doesn't remember where he put his key.


We're talking about Tandy, not Lance.


I struck up an acquaintance with her.

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I hear she has been absent from school.


They accused him of telling a lie.

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I really missed you when you were in France.

He is tall and lean.

Whoever comes will be welcomed.

There is nothing new transpired since I wrote you last.

Somebody wants to kill me.

Let him have it.

I was on the list.

She is holding a red flower.

Do you think Kathy will go shopping with us tomorrow afternoon?


If I had known that you were sick, I could have visited you in the hospital.

It'll be difficult to convince Willie to help us clean the garage.

I just ignore him.

The lesson will start.

Somebody burnt my treehouse.

That rumour is not true, is it?

What a wonderful family!


I won't forget.

Can we provide assistance?

Brian kept Kate waiting.

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Provided you have a reservation, you can check in anytime.

Are you sure nothing is gonna happen?

In general, we drive too fast.

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Waiter, please give me a cup of tea.

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I told him I wanted to go to Boston.

Nowadays toilet and bathroom is one piece.

It's pretty obvious.

She is at most 18 years old.

That's a challenge.

I wish I had something to drink.

Next Friday, I'm going on a date with a girl named Jennifer.

My favorite color is blue.

I'm just going to lie down for a minute.

Are you one of Himawan's students?

Panacea heard someone in the hallway.

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Did you buy it today or yesterday?

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She felt sick.

We're so ready for something new.

Is this seat empty?

He went to the shop.

The bribery scandal created a backlash overseas.

Juergen and Tolerant are now alone.

What is the English translation of this sentence?

You must think I'm really stupid.

That's all that matters.


No, I don't. I want a room for tonight.


Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Win thought that Eva would be at John's party.

I played tennis with my brother.

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You were a fool.

We don't know what Adam said.

He always does this.

Darren hasn't eaten yet.

Tell him I'm in the office.

Are you still collecting stamps?

The doctor cured her of her disease.

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She was shy in her high school days.

She was sleepy.

You should make an effort to stop smoking.

I love carrots.

It is time for me to take a vacation.


I must remember to mail the letter.


I like lasagna.