You deserve a long rest.

They are faster than we are.

This country was subject to a neighboring country.

Pascal might not want to come.

I have been hurt too much.

Siegurd knows who stole your car.


I just want to crawl into a hole and hide.

Let's begin with Lesson 3.

Why do you look so worn out?


You can see stars with a telescope.

Val isn't kidding.

Why don't we all sit together?


That discovery was quite accidental.

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Dying is not so terrible. But... to never see her again... That's what's horrible!

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I don't know how we're going to do that.

That's too easy.

He put salt into his cup of coffee by mistake.

I was deeply ashamed.

My attitude towards him changed.

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Let's toss up for it.

Why don't I have a boyfriend?

Once you start smoking, it is difficult to get rid of that bad habit.

All Barney can think about is food.

In winter, the days become shorter and it gets darker earlier.


Things change over time.

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Cole has lived in three different countries.

Let's see what Jaime does.

We hope you will enjoy the show.

I don't think I want to be here.

I've always found Gideon to be a good judge of character.

The whole group is laughing.

Noam isn't scared.

Can I give you a ride?

Tatoeba tells me to go screw myself.

We live near the large library.

A steam turbine is a prime mover in which steam at high velocity impinges upon the blades of a rotating element, thus transforming energy of the steam into mechanical energy.

Do you disobey me?

Do you want us to try prying this door open?


If you want, I will come back here.

Paola says he is rich.

"I live in Washington, and everyone swears like sailors." "As a fellow Washingtonian, I agree."

I know that it's difficult.

You should tell him yourself.

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A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.

If the sprinkles on your child's cupcake are attracted to magnets, they are iron filings and should not be consumed.

The road declines sharply.

They should sue her.

It just couldn't be true.

Do you have any idea how much this cost me?

It's high time I change my glasses!


Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes.


He leaned even closer.


Let's try to find a way to help Amir.


He does appear.

Our true hope is that there exists life in other worlds.

What's the message?


Joanne just wants Earnie to help him with his English homework.


I'm sorry, but I cannot answer right away.

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We ate a nice meal and drank wine.


You gave me only fifty cents.

The country's foreign policy appeared to be leaning toward detente.

Not all girls are like that.

If you run into Nelken, ask him when Luc is going to get out of the hospital.

Someone began to follow Bonnie.

We'll get in touch with them.

Please take a moment to locate the exit closest to you.


Don't you think we deserve Myrick's respect?

Everyone said no.

There are some things you shouldn't say to Space.

If you won't talk to me, I'll talk to Kenton.

A trip to Hokkaido is not a trip to Hokkaido unless you try the seafood.


We've been friends for three years.

It wasn't until Lawrence was 30 years old that he found out that he was adopted.

Kristian told Shaw that sometimes all you have to do is ask for forgiveness.


Nathan probably thought I could help you this afternoon.

This work will only be done well if there's division of labor.

This is very difficult for Archie.

He neglected his duties.

I don't worry about that.

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Traffic accidents are likely to occur on rainy days.

I'd think that was obvious.

Think before you act.

I'm sorry, but the only thing I know how to say in this beautiful language is this sentence.

He rarely went there.

No personal checks will be accepted.

You aren't as beautiful as you think you are.

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My friend was angry at the news.


Why did you punch him?


He always forgets his money.

He did not give his opinion on that question.

We're not related.

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Soap can clean grime.

What should we have done?

Heather is going back to prison.

We will be six.

I haven't talked to him since.

I can't lift this. It's too heavy.

Josip has a very high fever.


Have a nice life.

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We should give Stewart a chance to finish the report.

I rented a boat by the hour.

She decided to go abroad.

Stop whimpering.

What's the spelling of your family name?

The train stops at every station.

I have three college degrees.


Watch out for big and small stones on the road!


I don't know anybody here in this town.


Wherever she goes, her child follows her.

I don't like your language.

All kinds of food and drink are delicious and good for you, but you have to know when, where, and in what quantity.

I stopped it.

Was there a fire?

Cathrin came to my house.

I have to do that every day to keep living.


There might be casualties.

Tomorrow I won't be here.

It could matter a lot.

Matthew should date someone closer to his own age.

I want to know what's out there.

A woman is not a creature that acknowledges the 100 things you've done right, but rather, one that without fail will point out the one thing you've done wrong.

Mitchell insulted Naresh. That's why she's so upset.

She didn't take part in our conversation.

You're the best at what you do.


I'll meet her there.


You haven't seen one, have you?

Be careful not to tamper with it.

Herman said the coffee was too hot to drink.

What time will dinner be served?

I should've warned you that Jonathan is a little strange.


Fish is normally accompanied by white wine.

I'm not boycotting you.

Gregory breathed a sigh of relief.

Mona answered their questions off the cuff.

Dorian is still unsure of himself.


You are much taller than you used to be.

Do you prefer cute guys or guys who have class?

The normal fetal heart rate usually varies between 120 and 160 beats per minute.


We're expected back in Boston on Monday.


It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival?


How do you spend your free time?


Jack always finds fault with others. That's why everybody avoids him.

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has won 13 Olympic medals.

Help! I'm drowning!

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I spent hours looking for the key that I had dropped.


Bruno doesn't think he's ever met you.

I'm not sure I can trust her.

Which do you suppose she chose?

What do you think happened to our family?

Drowning men clutch at straws.

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There's someone there.

I'm in the band.

How long has Max been working here?

This knife is dull.

I'm going to meet my brother's girlfriend tonight.

I will call for you at noon.

There was no answer.