You've told her, haven't you?

Sal's been so busy lately he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.


I love my bisexual boyfriend!

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It'll only take a couple of minutes.

I'm particularly impressed that Roberto could remember all of our names.

Is Edmond fun?

Tell us a random travel experience you had that you weren't expecting but loved.

He's an excellent kisser.


We've all been through a lot together.

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Edgar looked sad.


It wouldn't be the first time it happened.

I thought you said nothing happened.

We must sleep at least eight hours a day.

This is really beautiful.

When will my work be finished?

Where is the Irish embassy?

Page was subpoenaed.


I don't think that she will come.

You missed the point.

The town was destroyed by the flood after the storm.


Naresh majored in child psychology.

Elliott is extremely arrogant.

You did a good job today.

In this city there are 249 neighborhoods.

I have a much better idea.

The ladder was covered with mud.

Polly lied to Spock when he said he didn't know John.

The snow prevented the train from running.

They'll find me.


Lucy cannot use chopsticks.

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Wade is the prettiest girl in her class.

Obviously, I was a little shocked.

Like many other students, Douglas rides a bicycle to school.

She goes to the supermarket once a week.

She went home and cried.


Is there something else on your mind?

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Excuse me, but I can barely hear you.

Kitty and Naren said they were happy.

I've already been swimming once today.

I haven't eaten any meat since I was fifteen years old.

The one who reads this report obtains all statements that are necessary to be able to check the facts by himself.

He moved back with his parents.

I'll use it.

I'm sleepy.

Much gold is mined here.

It's not that weird, is it?

Ro insisted on paying for dinner.


Do you think you can help?

If you keep on like this, you'll probably live to reach 120!

I didn't like the way she talked to people.

He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill.

Our escape was nothing short of a miracle.

Manny is in the kitchen microwaving popcorn.

I'd be really grateful.

Marshall is in the emergency room.

I suggest you talk to them.


Did you cook this yourself?


Let me see your receipt.


This is a reasonable price.


She works here, but her office is actually on the second floor.

I like your tie.

Herman goes to school, doesn't he?

Kelvin has been accused of cheating.

She misled you.

It's no use on earth.

Nature is a very important element in the Australian culture.

Kuldip came home after dark.

Kaiser will go to Germany next week.


Courtney sang softly.

You're beautiful in every way.

Have the lilies been watered?


Uri is the tallest boy in his class.

John ran to the station in order to catch the last train.

Are you dating Lowell?

I'll consult with them.

Susumu wanted to hone his skills as a photographer.

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May I park here for a while?

It will be difficult, but not impossible.

Does doing things in this way have a benefit?

Amy could be disguised.

Keep her inside.


To begin with, you have no right to be here.

They had guns.

The young girl is singing.

Rain is wonderful.

The Earth moves around the sun.


He almost never gets angry.

I really want to talk to you.

What will it be of us?


Do you know me?

This is for everyone who has received a notice from them.

That's an interesting-looking salt shaker.


Let's get out of this place.

Renu wanted Roman to drive John to the library.

I'll be with you in spirit.

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You need patience, Sassan.


She's in pain.

Many of the students were tired.

I'll protect her.

Thank you for helping me with my essay.

She was anxious for help.


We tried to get them to tell us.

I came back early.

George is the captain of our team.

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Ralph didn't want to talk to anyone.

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The cat meows.

John doesn't give a shit about his clothes.

Start at once, and you will catch the bus.

I can't forget you.

Lou appeared on the TV show 'Teen Mom'.


I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

The Sphinx is the largest statue in Egypt.

Without wearing a tie, you won't get in here!


It's Thursday and the bin lorry will be coming today.

My grandfather lived to be ninety-nine years old.

I have no information on Jurevis.

I bought three pounds of coffee.

Penalty fare or prosecution : if you fail to show on demand a valid ticket for the whole of your journey or a validated Oyster card.

There is no shortcut to success.

The history course is interesting.

He who wishes to ride far spares his horse.

I've been looking forward to playing music with you.

Collin did the best he could, but he still got bad grades.

I've had a lot on my mind these past few days.

The Icelandic government works on its own and doesn't care about the people.

"The clouds look like cotton wool." "I think that they look more like cotton candy."

"Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why? Just a regular boyfriend who doesn't go nuts on me!" "Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist."

Jane is a very beautiful girl.

I've been told not to call you stupid.

I was absent from school because of illness.

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Let us know what's going on.

This is all I need.

Jem has changed a lot since high school.

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I cannot afford a long vacation.


Maria waited for him, but he didn't come.


I think it's our mistake.

Students asked many questions at his lectures.

Suzanne enjoys fishing.


This matter does not concern me.


The price of that book is five dollars.

Irfan unbuttoned his jacket.

I spent months trying to convince the journalist to feature us.


I need to know why you lied to Seymour.

Tell me what you're afraid of.

When do we get to see your pics?

I haven't yet seen that happen in Boston.

Cyrus didn't grow up here.

You shouldn't even consider it.

Some food is pretty bland without salt.

Please do what we asked you to do.

I have created thousands of phrases already.

I need to go home.

Please pay the cashier.

How long did you live on the island?

It's working.


There were 120 people on the plane, exclusive of the crew.


Shai really needs you.

He won everything.

Where are your kids?


The pentagram is an important symbol in witchcraft.