Let's talk about this again tomorrow.


The Loch Ness monster is an urban myth.

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The Tsubasa is a very fast train.

She pushed her hair over her shoulders.

We're not gods, but mere men.

She gave me a dirty look.

I ought to ask, oughtn't I?

It's very romantic!

Laura will be here in less than an hour.

That sure sounds ominous.

She bought a coat.


A prism decomposes light.


Her daughter has been favoring her husband over her, so Leila has taken the opportunity to spend time with her other babies, gin and vermouth.

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I've decided never to vote again.

She ate my delicious duck.

No knows he shouldn't do that.

The island showed black in the moonlight.

Richard accepted their job offer.

I'm looking at the house.

Alfred drank the whole bottle of milk by himself.

But there really are people who choose friendship over love because they are afraid to lose a friend. They are scared to try because they know that if they try and the relationship fails, then even the friendship will be gone.

How in the world did you do such a thing?

I must remind you of your promise.

She seems to have something to do with the affair.

If you were in my place, what would you do?

I make so bold as to ask you.

I'm out of money.

The distance he ran was much greater than had been expected.

As is often the case, he eats while reading a newspaper.

Damone is refusing to pay his bills.


I'm no scapegoat to take it lying down.

Don't call Mehrdad a freak.

Hienz looked as if he was angry.

I want to see you smile.

You have to be extra careful around him.


Sentence changed according to the suggestion.


I want to be alone!

Your brother got married, didn't he?

Sally didn't want to go back to Boston.

That was the plan, wasn't it?

Suzanne snored loudly with his mouth open.


The house was undermined by the flood.

I don't believe in karma.

That's confusing.

I didn't expect to be here either.

The music was composed by a famous composer.

Put on the hat.

I traveled by myself.

I went to Tokyo to see Tony.

It tastes bitter to me.


I bought it from them.

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It will not be long before the boy learns what life is.

Six hundred thousand men were killed or wounded.

Could you keep an eye on her?

The less Susan knows, the better.

She studies in the library after school.


Would you be able to come back here tomorrow at 14:30?

The soldier had a leg injury and couldn't move.

Many peoples of antiquity have been gone for thousands of years, and nobody sheds a tear for them.

Wolf was one of three children.

We've got to tell them.


Need he run so fast?

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Most women are not so young as they are painted.

Jarvis had always wanted a daughter.

They forgave him for his crimes.

I didn't get that.

Jerome asked Gideon to be attentive during meetings.

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"Anything else?" "No, that's it."

He's eating Uzbek pilaf at the restaurant now.

He drives a pimped-out Cadillac Escalade.

Kieran was a graphic designer before he became a teacher.

His formative years were very unhappy.

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Early in the morning, a peasant, who was passing by, saw what had happened. He broke the ice in pieces with his wooden shoe, and carried the duckling home to his wife. The warmth revived the poor little creature.

They only sell women's shoes here.

What've you got?


If Bob had listened to and followed my advice, everything would have gone better.

It'll be summer vacation soon.

Linley forgot to do his homework.


Rahul has made up his mind to go to Australia.

Learning a new language is like meeting someone for the first time who always claims you are wrong, and worse - has the ability to prove it.

My father drives safely.

All possible means have been tried.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the car.

I want to have this letter translated into English by tomorrow.

I wish I had the courage to do what Hein did.

The more you possess, the more you desire.

What's Boston really like?

You can't win.

I don't have to clean my room.


I'm too tired to deal with this problem right now.

Mick, do you love me?

Jack isn't so good at singing.

She hung the washing on the line.

It would only take a few minutes.

In the patient's body the pulse began beating again.

If that happens, call me.

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I want Cary to be here for Christmas.

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Gary forced us to leave.

Emma tossed the flowers into the garbage can.

Are you certain Serdar is the one?


The thieves knocked off another bank today in a daytime robbery.

There's no mistaking about that.

This dictionary isn't useful.

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He decided to postpone his departure.

I know your face.

No said he was going to kiss Phillip.

It's all very strange.

Thank you very much for the undeserved attention.

So what are you up to today, Hans?

His sneezing interfered with our conversation.


We didn't have TV in those days.

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And all the time, as we were pitching it in red hot, we were keeping the women off him as best we could for they were as wild as harpies.

We're reading the same book.

Don't struggle.

I don't feel good or rather, I feel terrible.

The roads are very crowded at this time of the day.

I haven't even told my wife.

The marshmallow caught on fire.

They did not want to support him on this issue.

I thought she was extremely pretty.


Everyone just stared at Bud and didn't say a thing.

I told Maria I was just joking.

Marguerite is in Boston on business now.


We don't trust strangers around here.


Look what happened to Luc.

I can take it from here.

Jimmy was accustomed to his friends making fun of him.


I'm not sure that I can trust you.


I like exotic foods.

Stephe handed Gordon a pen.

Markku ran up against strong opposition with his proposal.


Jeffrey is getting agitated.

Let's cut Ritchey some slack.

You should not keep company with such people.

We are entitled to vote at the age of 20.

"Did they get the law passed?" "Yes, they finally put it through."

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How brave of you to go alone into the primaeval forest!

It looks like everything's back to normal.

Making so much money in so little time wasn't so easy.

Are you sure you really want to go swimming on a day like this?

I'm learning Korean.

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Never mind. It happens to everyone.

This seat is free.

I wonder what Curt is doing here.

People only see what they are prepared to see.

How many worms did you find?

Go out and breathe some fresh air instead of watching TV.

I saw you talking to her.


She was dismayed at their ignorance in etiquette.


Just don't give up on Vijay.

Do you have any other hotels you would recommend?

He looked all the houses unfolding.

Why did you fry two sausages only?

Can you translate this abstract into Arabic?

"Is Ken busy?" "Yes, he is busy."

He cannot walk, let alone run.

He studies history at college.

We caused this.

I don't need to see the basement.

Brandi is quite a bit older than me.

I was wondering if you could help.

This won't work.

We're late because of you.

We're not going anywhere with you.