She takes pride in her high school.

Wrap tape around the pipe.

I would like to see Mr. Smith.

These problems have arisen as the result of your carelessness.


I was the last one to see them.

He never told anyone.

Have you never eaten a kiwi fruit?

What we did was unnecessary.

I never want us to be unhappy.

Gunter is in bed with a fever.

This would be a mistake.

I wish I could think of a good excuse not to go.

She's not dumber than you.

It is true that he is over seventy.

Vilhelm loves to drink tea from the cup that Syed gave him.

Srikanth's pumpkin was the winner!

This is so unlike you.

He loves Hokkaido.

You're not even thirty yet.

Country life is very peaceful in comparison with city life.

I want you back by my side, Gill.

She gave me a golden luxury watch.

Metaphors are used in everyday life.

Teruyuki was lucky to grow up in a multilingual environment.

I didn't anticipate that you would be here.

Dan came home very drunk.

The word doctor refers to a person with the highest university degree, and colloquially to a physician.

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Charley knew exactly what he was going to say.


What is that noise?

I hate the tie you're wearing.

Discipline is the most important part of success.

If he came here, I would receive him with open arms.

The thief was caught red handed.

Bill took his little brother to the zoo.

She said that she was not my mother.

We have enough time.

The car is on the bridge.

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The old man sat on the bench with his eyes closed.

How did Terrance know that?

He turned back halfway.

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They don't get along together.

The lass is at the window, because the sun is very hot today.

The old lady got off the bus.


I'm glad we didn't do that.

This is a book about Georgia.

He put the blue folder down on the table.

It was yesterday that George bought this skirt.

Leukocytes are blood cells.


He will be missed.

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The last couple of weeks have been crazy!


You're always wasting your money.


You can stay as long as you like.

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.

What time does the dining room open?

It doesn't seem serious.

He is sure of passing the examination.

Travelling is one of the saddest pleasures of life.

Becky filled me in on the details.

You are old enough to take care of yourself.

The chief justice will swear in the president.

Well, to me, he seems kind of annoying.

In order to distract the others, we brought up this irrelevant issue as a red herring.

Don't throw away your notes.

Have you already done what we requested?

I didn't know you were so good at French.

His bearing was stiff and military.

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We plan to go by train.

Die already!

Where did you buy your car from?

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It's homemade.


I don't see what's so great about that.


Good boys always tell the truth.

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Nobody will regard us as office workers.


Roy wanted everything.

She put an end to her days.

Twice two is equal to four.

They really wanted to know what happened.

They will sail for Bombay next Monday.


You thought you could get away with it, didn't you?

Did you ask the others?

Who's the smartest person you know?

Pratt certainly seemed upset.

Come even if you'll be late.

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It's already been 4 years since we met. How time flies.

It's like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.

We lost the bet.

I'm an orthodontist.

My cousin is from Egypt. He is Egyptian.

I am duly flattered by your proposal.

Lorraine wants to speak to you.


Don't put all your eggs in the same basket.

I'm glad I hired you.

He is an actor.

We're changing it.

Since we can expect no help from others, let's try to do our best.


I'm three years younger than he is.

Fill her up.

It's pretty heavy.

Patrick isn't a very good man.

What was the purpose of all this?


This city has a big TV station.


Let us know your decision by next Monday.


The judge concluded that the prisoner was innocent.

She's Merton's sister.

Shaving was not an easy task, for his hand continued to shake very much; and shaving requires attention, even when you don't dance while you are at it.


You should know better than to do that.


I never heard from him again.

Years of running in marathons have taken a toll on my knees.

She said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses.

I must have gone past the station while I was taking a nap.

I'm the one who killed her.

Where were you when you realized that you didn't have your umbrella?

They both lived in Boston.

I have a package here for him.

I need you to give this to Metin for me.

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Chris was confident that Beth would be delighted with his improvement.


I visited Dan.


She wore a mask.

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Spelling mistakes really annoy me.


I missed the train by only a few minutes.

The water is ice-cold.

She lost one of her flesh and blood.

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Are you coming in or not?

I want to stay here with you.

If this organization is left as it is, it will soon go bankrupt; its recovery is as difficult as swapping horses while crossing a stream.

She told him off for being late.

He focused his eyes on the roof.


Water is 800 times heavier than air.


Bacteria usually form colonies.

Phill is one of our best singers.

Don't change the topic.

Someday the USA will elect a woman president, and it won't be pretty.

She looked after her old mother.

Do you really have to tell her?

This word has three syllables.

We really needed that.

Let me tell them.


Where did you go with Kelly?

I didn't take it personally.

The cake I made was not eaten by you, it was eaten by your sister.

I might need that.

The main reason kids tell lies is to avoid getting into trouble.


The air in this room isn't good.

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He was accused of being neglectful of his duties.

The brake didn't work.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me that.


How is that possible?

Shai knows I usually go there on Mondays.

He always has such witty things to say!


Daniele asked Edith to be home by six-thirty.


I'll pay extra.

I burned all the letters that you wrote to me.

It wasn't Malloy's idea.


There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.


The river flooded the entire region.


It's not quite as simple as that.

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What'll you tell him?