Is Timo dangerous?


He severely criticized the mayor.

You're on probation.

Miltos lied to Johnnie about everything.

He learned Latin in school.

I'm almost certain that Heinz will get into the university that he wants.


Some believe that the Earth is a kind of hell.

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I wish I had known how to do it.


It'd be treason.


There's no guard.

The sky is over our heads.

She lost to him in tennis.


Neither one of them disagrees.


He was already springing into action when the director shouted 'Cut!'.

I wonder why women live longer than men.

If I'll go or not, I still haven't decided.

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Don't go there alone.

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I'm going to miss all of you when I move to Boston.

Maria got drunk last night.

He is superior to his opponents in all respects.

So this seemed to me fairly important.

You have no evidence.

I will write you back soon.

The girl Celia was going out with left him.


Not all cops are crooked.

I will not let the story go out.

The structure isn't strong enough to support that much weight.

I thought you might want it.

The sooner we're paid, the better.

I guess my wife was right.

This isn't going to be easy.


I think I'd better show my face.

Hedge funds are bailing on Apple.

The ax is used for cutting firewood and trees.

Just step back.

I'll never forget that feeling.


Has anything changed?


I'm alright.

That's what I really want.

She was taking a nap all the time.


The robbers fell on him from behind the trees.


She took over the role of her mother.

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I prefer walking to being carried in a vehicle.

That's not bad.

Here's a restaurant I often eat at.

When did the wedding take place?

I'll walk.


Joanne roasts his own coffee beans.


If you've got something to say, go ahead and say it.

My income has decreased ten percent.

I'll make some dinner.

We still have each other.

Joanne is in his thirtieth year.

We agree on everything.

I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

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I verily believe that your convictions are false.

He was reading a newspaper.

Would you mind my using this dictionary?

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He ducked down on one knee.

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I am studying the Korean language.

Would you like some of those pictures?

She's mine.


You don't listen to me.

I hardly speak French at all.

Are they satisfied?

Dominick must pay for what he's done.

Brandy says he's too sick to get out of bed.

Behave yourselves!

That's what they told me.


Why are you calling them?

I would like some peace and quiet.

Though very busy, she came to see me off.


You had better leave there on Monday.

My car battery died in the middle of the freeway.

The government invests little in education.

Tait is waiting for someone to help him.

Lukas has a very nice voice.


I was surprised Paola didn't come yesterday.

I have three mobile phones.

Please let me go and see her.

Whom did you see?

Fred looks awesome.


She returned from a trip.

This guitar belongs to Frances.

The snow-flake appeared larger and larger, and at last took the form of a lady dressed in the finest white crape, her attire being composed of millions of star-like particles. She was exquisitely fair and delicate, but entirely of ice, glittering, dazzling ice; her eyes gleamed like two bright stars.

I'll pick you up at 2:30.

Tears welled up in her eyes.


You should go in person.

Nhan likes his spaghetti noodles a little on the hard side.

Which team are you a fan of?

We had no notification.

Will you type this, please?


We agreed that something must be done.

They exchanged passionate e-mails.

Kinch picked the coin up and examined it more closely.


He is on this ship.

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Louiqa and I partied together one night last year in Boston.

Is it that you're afraid of dying? Or is it a fear of flying? Perhaps, you are afraid of simply trying.

What should happen next?

You don't do it, do you?

He often goes with her to watch movies.


The trouble is that my son does not want to go to school.

The problem isn't so much the money as it is the time.

The airer is always in the way!

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She wasn't sick.

You should buy this book.

I think he is a good man.

Can you help me for just a minute?

I can't believe Cristopher just did that.

Evan was certainly sharp.

Sometimes the most inspired ideas seem to just come from out of the blue.

You don't have to be here.

Many people admire Nikko.

I didn't tell her to come.

Time after time I've invited them to come over and visit us but time and time again they've never come.

Butler arrived earlier than usual.

I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me. (Afterwards is OK; just use protection.) The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization.

My French teacher is the same age as I am.

Be quiet, girls.


Do we need to bring our dictionaries to class tomorrow?

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We have to work faster.


All major economies must step up to the plate if we are to avoid the dangerous consequences of climate change.

Do you have any idea what it is?

He had a book on physics published.

Tell Kelly which one to take.

The policeman arrested the burglar.


Thus knowing that "to give is to receive" is the most precious thing in government.

I'm feeling much better now.

They entered the room.


It was a very cold night.

I misjudged you.

I'm listening to this band.

Kolkka would want us to go.

My father does walk.


Myrick is agoraphobic.

We're still in Boston.

I don't feel sick.

We are in for rain.

What time will the band start playing?


He sits wherever he wants to.

I never really thought I'd graduate.

People love to talk.


The man I saw yesterday was a complete gentleman.


The room looks different, now I like it more.


I'm afraid I've contracted a venereal disease.

It's a reasonable price.

That's not going to work either.

We have been assigned the large classroom.

What a bad looser!


We spent the whole day fishing.

What's the problem?

She takes after her mother in looks.


Do your best for them.

Let's not talk about money now.

The tourist information center gave a city map to whoever asked it.