This is the very book for you to read.

Nicolette didn't tell Lum his secret.

It was of great benefit to me.

The Atari 2600 was popular in the early eighties.

What's my bank balance this month?

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When I was abroad I went to see your uncle.

Trent got to the hotel after dark.

She sat at the bar downing shot after shot of whisky.

He burned for his moment of triumph.

No living things could live without oxygen.

Speak to Lizzy about it yourself.

She exuded nothing but confidence going into the final round.

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I have only myself to blame, I suppose.


Are you watching it?

Saify usually takes the subway to school.

He brings home the bread and butter.

You can call me Bob please.

I just want what I was promised.


I hear you went to Harvard.

The cake tastes divine!

She's too young to get a driving licence.

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I'm tired of all the fighting.


Nobody is in the living room, but the TV is on.

Is Vadim any good at French?

Catch that person.

I forgot you were listening.

Have you eaten anything?

I don't think Rolfe will be using this.

What he said was far from true.

Heather has been teaching French for thirteen years.

You must swear with your hand on the Bible.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I didn't see them today.


Mwa is conceited, isn't he?

The horse was also valuable.

I think Miriam will drive me to the airport.

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We have to have hope.

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Japan's national budget for a new fiscal year is normally compiled in December.

The new movie was a big hit.

He was told to remain standing all the way to go there.

We saw your truck on the road.

It's your disgusting arrogance that makes you completely insufferable.


He is not as smart as his older brother.


We're having engine problems.

Don't let anyone enter the room.

The patriots stood up for the rights of their nation.

He went out a little before five o'clock.

I know what needs to be done on Monday.

Dieter is nice, isn't he?

Can anything be done for him?

My eldest son is studying right now.

He is too ready to speak.

Joubert told me he was too tired to study tonight, so he just wanted to watch TV.

He killed himself by taking poison.

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I don't have enough money to go to Boston with you.

Prakash took out the trash.

I explained it.

Even if we don't get lucky on the first try we can just keep fucking till I get pregnant.

What did you think you were doing?

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Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Like Brandi said, this is a waste of time.

There wasn't much news in last night's newspaper.


How much are you willing to pay?

In a sense you are right in refusing to join that club.

Does the shirt fit you well?

It was not a coincidence.

Every positive integer has exactly one successor.

Ask her to give us some money.

Will it be sunny tomorrow?

He read for more than two and a half hours.

Jwahar berated Jerrie.

Give it a rest, Sergeant.

We arrived at a hotel in Rome.


It concerns my brother.

The show is on Wednesday.

I've learned some interesting things from this book.

That was yesterday.

Linda's husband was two-timing her.

Are you driven?

I rode my bike to the dentist in the rain.


Don't ask what they're thinking. Ask what they're doing.

We'll do better.

Some students neglect their studies in favor of sports.

What? You still don't know how to drive a car?

How long did the surgery take?

This is our only shot.

If you want to be free, destroy your television set.

Let's talk about something else for a while.

Uri took care of his sick mother.

Stuart hesitated for a moment.

Can I borrow your umbrella?

Ramon and Horst were waiting for us.

This is something to consider.

I would like to exchange American dollars for rupnu.

You can change them if you like.


I don't like this one.

I said so only by guess.

He said he would see me the next day.

I wanted to be just like you.

I think Jong would love that.


The truck made a sharp turn to the left.

Someone must have stolen your watch.

Luke had to look after me.

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He earns double my salary.


Clem attempted to climb over the fence.

How are payment methods different?

Would you like to come over for dinner after work on Monday?


I continued to work all morning.

Don't use this until tomorrow.

When she entered the room, he got to his feet.

There are no distractions.

Orville made Gunnar wait.


Sometimes I hate myself.


Can you clarify that?

Jenine boarded a train bound for Tokyo.

Take a look.

I like the way this tastes.

I didn't think Ernie would give up like that.

I had lived in Osaka for eighteen years when I moved to Tokyo.

The floor is covered with a thick carpet.

Duane and Micky both have quite a few friends.

It took less than five minutes for me to write that letter.

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Knapper rolled up his pant legs so they wouldn't get wet.

What are you embarrassed about?

She was clinging to her father.

Can you come back next week?

I should get packed.

Jiri knows the secret.

Is this how it ends?


Ariaios will at once withdraw, so that not a friend will be left us.


Just do it fast.

He's feeling dizzy.

French is spoken in France.


They drove the car one after the other.

I think it was one of those men that stole Jem's camera.

Maybe I fooled them.

Kanazawa is a quiet city.

I want you to follow her.

I have to find the perfect place.

Come on in and make yourself at home.

This is very similar to the one I have.

Mistreated by his owner, this dog was a sad thing to see.

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You're humming.

The impending examination loomed large in her mind.

My name is Hopkins

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He hates Nancy.


Could you get me a club soda?


Sarah was carrying an armful of books.

Show me how much money you have.

She pressed the switch.

How long are you staying in our country for?

He fell and hurt his tailbone.

Select the graft point after imagining how the branches will extend and fruit grow.

I asked you if you wanted some help.

I'm as old as he is.

The police found Thad's hideout.


A dream... I was trying to explain to St. Peter, and was doing it in the German tongue, because I didn't want to be too explicit.

He's afraid of the sea.

Good times alternate with bad.

Antony doesn't like the way Irvin talks.

Real showed Todd the tattoo on his arm.

Everything is all right.

Although natto smells awful, it is delicious.

He's able to speak Japanese.

He had the kindness to find me a job.


I thought you were going to call last night.